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started "Not from scratch"!

many people often make the same mistake when they say - "We need a new website design"!

if we are talking about the fact that they are no longer satisfied with the old one, then we can agree, but only partially.

I'll explain! The fact is that the site design and its content - and these are usually interrelated things - can not arise from anywhere!

Of course, you can make an effort on yourself, or the designer of your future site and create a site design, which is called "from scratch" (Not to be confused with the development of a turnkey site). But keep in mind that such a site will not have any history or continuity related to the activities of Your company.

the worst thing is if the site designer uses some ready-made template (now a good half of the "designers" work this way), and what is called "zababahat" the entire site on it..

If the template was not bad, then perhaps the site will turn out "not bad..». But there is one problem! Most likely, the company for which the site design is being developed already had some kind of corporate identity - or at least its beginnings..


Colors for the site


Encoding site colors


Save «old» or make «new?»

I wanted to give an example of "controversial branding", and the story of changing the branding of a railway company comes to mind. We all remember, although it may not be all, how the entire style of "Russian Railways"was re-designed. I don't know about you, but I think this case is a vivid example of "flushing, erasing" the entire previous history of the brand, as if it appeared out of nowhere.

Yes, it turned out fresh and fun, but the historical continuity of our "Russian Railways", which for a moment "180 years" — with the famous "wheels and wings" was "forgotten» and "disposed" ...

going back to our example of creating a website design, the same thing happens. The designer, obeying the will of the customer (the company representative), did exactly what he was asked to do..

so now, a brand new site is no longer as not related to the "design history" of the company - unless of course it was about a total re-design of the entire corporate identity of the company. This is not much different case.

On the other hand, there were cases when the company's previous style was completely reproduced in the "new site design". And it looked like it was honest to say — "well, so-so".

It looked like taking an old school and painting ramps and walls.. So to speak, "slightly refresh" an old Soviet building.

Neither approach will give "a qualitative transformation» website. Of course, the question arises how to create a "website design" for companies, so that it would be modern, but not meaningless.

what would "website" not look "modern crafts», of which there are now millions...

what would this "website" be:

  • Memorable
  • Unique in the
  • segment
  • Not cheap
  • Corresponding to the niche
  • To the extent commercial
  • Intern

a Site that preserves "the roots of your brand», unless of course it is a site that is called from "absolute zero", which is being developed in parallel with the development of "logo" and "corporate identity" .




As it was with
legendary brands..

Let's not remember for a long time, let's say the history of logos "famous brands»:

  • «BMW»
  • «Apple»
  • «Coca-Cola»

P.S.: Apple will forgive me for this ranking..

Note here, the strongest continuity in form, colors, and sometimes fonts.. Fonts often require improvement over time.. They are very susceptible to "obsolescence"..

However, this is not a reason to "cover the entire graphic and typographic history of the company and its brand with a copper basin".

Major brands can hardly afford such naivety as "wash away" all signs of continuity the corporate identity, sign (logo), and corporate colors.. After all, they are remembered by millions of people, the entire population of the planet "Earth". And among them there are "regular customers» who value their favorite brands for exactly what they were.

there are many examples of "failed graphic transformation» brand appearance, with real marketing and financial losses.

for "website design" — these rules work exactly the same. "website design" — can not start "from scratch" , but also "drag along" elements "past era» also not worth it.


«BMW», Apple», «Coca-Cola»..


Site design — has «roots»

site design started "Not from scratch"! — I said at the very beginning of the article.

And where did it start?

1 The most "first source» site design, — is considered a brand name (Logo).

The logo "encoded" a lot of significant information:

  • Form factor
  • Color or colors
  • Font (if there are labels)
  • "Character" (read as style)

This information is enough to "consciously" and "efficiently" start working on the site design.

2The second "source» inspiration, for me, of course, is the current "corporate identity" of the brand or product.

oddly enough, but provided that it can contain even more graphic elements than the same "corporate logo" — the entire "corporate identity", for me, is less informative, in terms of inspiration for creating a design. But nevertheless, if "corporate identity" is available — then this is already a big victory!

This is due to the fact that "corporate identity" — is "graphic derivative" from "logo», and the quality of "secondary graphics" can "blur" the original "creative meaning», which was embedded in the logo.

3If for some reason the company did not have any "LOGO" or "CORPORATE identity", the site designer can come directly to the aid of "Products" of the company.

often, the "product" of the company still "lives" not much information about the graphic history of this very company..about its values and product..

I don't do site design "from scratch!»

in my opinion, the best approach for developing "website design" is the ability to"see the ways of design evolution" of graphic elements:

  • Logo and its forms
  • Colors and contours
  • Font styles

and then, after analyzing the"evolution of the old design", start developing it in the same direction, but taking into account modern trends.

And then "website design" will not only be beautiful, but also "meaningful», "meaningful» and "relevant" .

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